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Driving under the influence can result in significant punishments.  There are numerous drunk driving regulations.  The primary law is 18.2-266.  If you have been charged with drunk driving in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater Area, Fairfax, or any other county in the Commonwealth, take it seriously.

A drinking and driving violation should not be taken lightly.  Jurisdictions in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater Area prosecute even a 1st case of drinking and driving  very aggressively. The number of arrests in this Area are staggering. Talking to an advocate may be the most prudent course of action, if you have been charged with drunk driving.

The punishments for a driving under the influence charge are extremely severe.  If you have been charged with drinking and driving and you want to learn more about the consequences, speaking with an experienced counsel will probably benefit you greatly.

Keep in mind that looking for the cheapest lawyers may not be in your best interests.  Many clients are not aware that the punishment for a 1st time violation can result in actual jail time.

Frequently, many clients find that the counsel they hire may not be fully up to speed about all the latest cases.  Since the punishments are so severe, take a drunk driving charge very seriously.

Our counsel have client meeting locations in Fairfax, Prince William (Manassas), Richmond, Lynchburg, Hampton Roads/Tidewater Area, Loudoun (Leesburg) & Fredericksburg (Located in Spotsylvania County).

Most clients understand that drinking and driving is a criminal act.  However, what most clients don’t understand is how severely the Code punishes those who are convicted of a driving under the influence.

Whether you are charged with driving under the influence in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater Area or Fairfax, the punishments for drunk driving are equally harsh.  Even a 1st time violation can result in jail time.  The maximum punishment for a even a 1st time violation of drunk driving are one year in jail, 12 months loss of your driving privileges, ignition interlock and a $2500 fine.

The punishment for a second time violation are even more harsher.  Additionally, if the a second offense, depending on whether it occurred as a second offense within 5 years vs. within 10 years, may have a significant impact on how much jail time you serve.  Both a 1st and a second time violation are misdemeanor violations.  A misdemeanor conviction will follow you for life.

However, a 3rd violation drunk driving conviction is a felony.  This has far reaching consequences way beyond the felony conviction itself.  One aspect is the loss of your license and a mandatory jail time of 90 days.  Drunk driving violations are a serious matter.  Speaking to a driving under the influence counsel is critical.  An advocate  can advise you as to your options based on the facts of your case.

Federal Drinking and Driving

If you are charged with driving under the influence and you are stopped on Federal property, you will have to go to federal court.  Military bases such as Quantico military base, Fort Belvoir, Fort Eustis are federal property and if you are stopped on any these military bases for a driving under the influence, you will have to go to Federal Court.  Additionally, Federal Parks and roadways such a George Washington Parkway (GW Parkway) and the Blue Ridge Parkway are federal lands and a drunk driving ticket on any of these roadways will result in you having to go to Federal Court.  If you have been charged with a Federal drinking and driving, you will need to speak with a counsel who is licensed to handle cases before the Federal Courts.

Our advocates regularly defend clients charged with drunk driving in Quantico, Fort Belvoir, Fort Eustis, GW Parkway or Blue Ridge Parkway.

When you contact our law firm, you can be sure the lawyer you talk to will do his best to help you get the best result possible based on the facts of your drunk driving case.  We understand you may be terrified of the penalties you are facing when charged with a driving under the influence charge.  There is no doubt that the consequences are tough.  That is why the counsel you talk to from our firm will lay out your options as best as he can.  So don’t worry – reach out to us regardless of whether you need a driving under the influence defense advocate in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater Area or Fairfax, VA.

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You may be severely affected if you are convicted of drunk driving as it may affect your ability to drive, your security clearance, etc. Since driving under the influence is a criminal act, you must take it very seriously.

Per the law, If you are driving under the influence of alcohol or driving with a blood alcohol content level of .08 percent or higher or driving while under the influence of any narcotic drug or intoxicant, you can be charged for driving under the influence.

Some of the different Codes are:

Driving Under The Influence – General Rule: (18.2-266) Under § 18.2-266. Driving motor vehicle, engine, etc., while intoxicated, etc
Under § 18.2-266.1. Persons under age 21 driving after illegally consuming alcohol; penalty:
Driving While Intoxicated: § 18.2-270: Under § § 18.2-270. Penalty for driving while intoxicated; subsequent act; prior conviction:
Under § 18.2-267. Preliminary analysis of breath to determine alcoholic content of blood.
Tests To Determine Driving Under The Influence : Breath Test To Determine Alcoholic Content Of Blood: § 18.2-268.2:
Post-Arrest Testing To Determine Drug Or Alcohol Content Of Blood: § 18.2-268.2:
Under § 18.2-268.2. Implied consent to post-arrest testing to determine drug or alcohol content of blood.
Penalties for driving under influence Refusing Blood or Breath Tests
§ 18.2-268.3 deals with refusing blood or breath test.
§ 18.2-268.3. Refusal of tests; procedures.
Driving while intoxicated; subsequent violations; prior conviction -Penalties First  – (Misdemeanor – Jail Time Possible)
Second  – (Misdemeanor – Mandatory Jail Time)
Third   –  (Felony – Mandatory Jail Time)
Fourth – (Felony – Mandatory Jail Time)
Under § 18.2-270. Penalty for driving while intoxicated; subsequent ; prior conviction
Underage driving under influence –
Driving while intoxicated (DWI) -relating to license forfeiture
Under § 18.2-271. Forfeiture of driver’s  license for driving while intoxicated.

If you are charged by a police officer with driving under the influence, then speaking to an experienced traffic counsel is critical. A skillful and diligent counsel, who defends drunk driving charges, can help you review your case in detail and advise you on all the available potential defenses that are in your favor. If you hire an ethical lawyer, he will not give you an assurance regarding a positive outcome of the case but will work vigorously to enhance the odds in your favor. Our law firm certainly has the relevant experience to defend your driving under the influence charge. The Counsel from the SRIS Law Group will aggressively defend your case and give their best to protect your interest. For free consultation about your case, contact the SRIS Law Group immediately. Our consultations remain confidential; therefore, do not worry and call now!

You can count on us to do our best to defend you to the best of our ability and get you the best result possible based on the facts of your case.

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