You must always remember that your safety and that of others is not a game. When you drive your vehicle, do it in a serious and responsible way and avoid distractions of any kind. This is simply because reckless behavior while deriving or being under the influence of a toxic substance when driving can result in an auto accident. In fact, the Commonwealth of Virginia has faced several cases of auto accidents due to reckless driving general VA. To avoid bad habits for your safety and that of everyone on the highway is everyone’s primary responsibility.

As per Virginia’s Driving Code statute §46.2-862. Exceeding Speed Limit, “An individual shall be guilty of the reckless driving offense who drives an auto vehicle on the highways in the Commonwealth of Virginia (i) at a speed of 20 mph or more than the applicable highest speed limit or (ii) more than 80 mph irrespective of the applicable highest speed limit.”

Taking into the above-given explanation regarding reckless driving general VA, you would be charged with reckless driving if your driving speed is 71 mph in the area where the applicable maximum speed limit is 50 mph.

You must always control aggressiveness in front of the steering wheel. This is what the Foundation for Traffic Safety recommends us to avoid falling into aggressive driving and focus on the given below three aspects in particular.

Be calm: Many of the situations of aggressiveness on the roads start in response to aggressive behavior on the part of another driver. Therefore, the first recommendation to avoid getting involved in cases of anger or aggressiveness on the roads is to take the initiative and not manifest behaviors of that type, eventually resulting in reckless driving general VA. Some of these behaviors that we should avoid include:

  • Cut the step
  • Go slowly in the left lane
  • Do not store the minimum safety distance between vehicles
  • The gestures that could be considered offensive

Do not respond to provocations: To start a discussion (or an aggressive scenario on the highway), you need at least two people. Therefore, the best way to avoid confrontations is not to respond to provocations. Some of the attitudes that can help you avoid reckless driving general VA include:

  • Stay away and allow space for aggressive drivers
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Seek help from the authorities in case of insistence or excessive aggressiveness (Do not seek to solve it yourself)

Change attitude: In itself, the most important thing you can do to avoid a scenario of aggressiveness on the highway is to decide properly, and good decisions start from a change of attitude. Forget about winning. Not always be the first to cross the roads, to enter the short cut or feel the winner of a discussion is the most advisable, in fact, it is not. To avoid running on the road and face a reckless driving general VA, you can leave earlier from home and maintain the applicable speed limit. To avoid arguments, it is preferable to keep quiet and yield to the aggressive driver.